Programme coordinators

The programme coordinators manage and develop NIVEL research programmes.

Programme Programme coordinator
Professions in Health Care and Manpower Planning R.S. (Ronald) Batenburg, PhD
Communication and Health Psychology Prof. J.M. (Jozien) Bensing, PhD, honorary research fellow
Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled H. (Hennie) Boeije, PhD
Patient Centered Care D. (Dolf) de Boer, PhD
Pharmaceutical Care L. (Liset) van Dijk, PhD
Communication in Health Care Prof. A.M. (Sandra) van Dulmen, PhD
Nursing and Care Prof. A.L. (Anneke) Francke, PhD
Impact of Legislation and Oversight in Health Care Prof. R.D. (Roland) Friele, PhD
Quality and Organisation of Hospital- and Long Term Care J. (Janke) de Groot, PhD
Health Care System and Governance J.D. (Judith) de Jong, PhD
General Practice J.C. (Joke) Korevaar, PhD
Care in the Community T.M. (Tim) Schoenmakers, PhD
Netherlands Primary Care Information Network R.A. (Robert) Verheij, PhD