What can NIVEL do for you?

NIVEL's expertise is available for scientific research organisations, governmental bodies (Dutch and foreign ministries, European Commission) and organisations representing health care professionals, health care consumers and health care insurance companies.

NIVEL's service includes for example:

  • Evaluation studies of the efficacy of innovations in health care, policy measures and health law.
  • Scenario studies to predict developments in the need for health care or the supply of health care.
  • International comparative studies regarding health care systems.
  • Answering specific questions by using NIVEL's knowledge base, e.g. evidence on the effectiveness of policy measures.


NIVEL's National Information Systems
An important basis for our expertise is the responsibility for national data bases and information systems on:

  • Health care professionals: national register of general practitioners, midwives, physical therapists, …
  • Health care consumers: panels of consumers and of people with a chronic disease or disability, …
  • Health care need and use of health care: information network of general practice, European influenza surveillance scheme, national surveys of general practice, ...


Research partners
NIVEL is a WHO-collaborating centre for primary health care and health services delivery and as such studies developments in (primary) health care elsewhere in Europe. NIVEL is the only institute in the European region that is active in primary health care research.

NIVEL participates in the Dutch primary care research school CaRe, with the universities in Maastricht, Amsterdam (VU) and Nijmegen. CaRe is accredited by Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

NIVEL participates in the academic research network on oversight in health care, with the Health Care Inspectorate and the Universities of Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (VU).