TitleAvoiding health care: What is the influence of the compulsory deductible on complying to a referral to medical specialist care
ContactT.E.M. (Thamar) van Esch
M.W. (Madelon) Kroneman
J.D. (Judith) de Jong
Project descriptionBetween 2010 and 2013, both the compulsory deductible and the percentage of people who do not comply with referrals to medical specialists care increased. What is the influence of the compulsory deductible on noncompliance with referrals to medical specialist care and how severe is this noncompliance. We develop a method to establish the severity of avoiding care for several referral diagnoses. Based on referral data from the NIVEL Primary Care Database and hospital reimbursement data we will test to what extent people refrain from care in the different severity categories. We aim to contribute to answering the question whether the compulsory deductible is a steering instrument that reduces health care expenditure or whether it leads to not (timely) receiving essential medical care.