Nivel's main focus is on health services research: a multidisciplinary field focusing on the delivery, quality, costs and access to care from the perspective of various stakeholders.

Central to our approach is the interaction between patients and care professionals and organisations. We study this interaction and its outcomes in relation to governance structures, whilst also investigating characteristics of patients, care professionals and organisations.

Nivel's research is characterized as applied and applicable research:

  • Applied research: our research draws on theories and methods from several disciplines, including epidemiology, medical sociology, psychology, human geography, health economics, medicine, nursing and physiotherapy.
  • Applicable research: our research focuses on issues that are relevant to the actors in health care and policy. Its potential use in policy-making processes is continuously borne in mind. Nivel's research aims to contribute to evidence-informed policy.

Statutory obligation to publish the results of all its activities
Nivel's activities include the collation and publication of existing knowledge and evidence in scientific, professional and policy journals, reports, bibliographies, reviews, summaries and fact sheets. Nivel has a statutory obligation to publish the results of all its activities.