We present the closed projects we participated in, in chronological order (present to past, date of closure).

Logo-AZV-Aruba-150px WereldbolMapping healthcare Aruba (2017-2021)

Primary healthcare on Aruba, the perspectives of population, patients and caregivers
Nivel project site: Project Mapping Healthcare Aruba

Nivel-logo-HarmonicSS-150pWereldbolHarmonicSS (2017-2020)

HARMONIzation and integrative analysis of primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS)
Nivel project site: Project HarmonicSS

WereldbolI-MOVE+ (2015-2018)

Influenza: MOnitoring Vaccine effectiveness in Europe
Nivel project site: Project I-MOVE+

Nivel-logo-spimeu-150px WereldbolSPIMEU (2015-2018)

Determinants of successful implementation of Selective Prevention of Cardio-metabolic Diseases Across Europe
Nivel project site: Project SPIMEU

Nivel-logo-gibs-150pxWereldbolGIBS (2012-2018)

Global Influenza B Study
Nivel project site: Project GIBS

Nivel-logo-Ja-CanCon-150pxWereldbolJA-CanCon (2014-2017)

Joint Action on Cancer Control. Harmonising the way we fight cancer in Europe
Nivel project site: Project JA-CanCon

Nivel-logo-ja-chrodis-150pxWereldbolJA-CHRODIS (2014-2017)

Joint Action on Chronic Diseases
Nivel project site Project JA-CHRODIS

Nivel-logo-EUR-HUMAN-150pxWereldbolEUR-HUMAN (2015-2016)

EUropean Refugees - HUman Movement and Advisory Network
Nivel project site: Project EUR-HUMAN

Nivel-logo-ARNA-150pxWereldbolARNA (2014-2016)

Antimicrobial Resistance and causes of Non-prudente use of Antibiotics in human medicine
Nivel project site: Project ARNA

Nivel-Logo-ICARE4U-150pxWereldbolICARE4EU (2014-2016)

Innovating care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe
Nivel project site: Project ICARE4EU

Nivel-logo-CC4HCA-150pxWereldbolCC4HCA (2014-2015)

Support for the definition of Core Competences 4 HealthCare Assistants
Nivel project site: Project CC4HCA

Nivel-logo-TRANSFoRM-150pxWereldbolTRANSFoRm (2010-2015)

Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe
Nivel project site: Project TRANSFoRM

Nivel-logo-Qualicopc-150pxWereldbolQUALICOPC (2010-2014)

Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe
Nivel project site: Project QUALICOPC

Nivel-logo-DUQUE-150pxWereldbol DUQuE (2009-2014)

Deepening our Understanding of Quality Improvement systems in European hospitals
Nivel project site: Project DUQuE

Nivel-logo-APRES-150pxWereldbolAPRES (2009-2013)

Appropriateness of PREScribing antibiotics in primary health care in Europe (with respect to antibiotic resistance)
Nivel project site: Project APRES

Nivel-logo-ACTOR-150pWereldbolACTOR (2009-2013)

ACtion plan on Transplantation and ORgan donation
Nivel project site: Project ACTOR

Nivel-logo-HSRREP-150pxWereldbolHSREPP (2009-2011)

Health Services Research into European Policy and Practice: preparation and organisation of a European Health Services Research Conference
Nivel project site: Project HSREPP


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