Contact and Route

Visiting address:
Otterstraat 118-124
3513 CR Utrecht

Postal address:
PO Box 1568
3500 BN Utrecht
Tel.+31 (0)30 - 27 29 700

From Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Utrecht Central Station by train
On arrival at Schiphol Airport follow the signs "to the trains". Train tickets can be bought in the main hall. The train station is located underneath the main Shopping Plaza. Trains to Utrecht Central depart every 15 minutes. Estimated travelling time: 30 minutes. 

From Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven) by public transport to Utrecht Central station
Airport Shuttle 401 runs every 10 minutes between Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven Central Station on Monday until Friday. On Saturday every 15 minutes and on Sunday every half hour.
(traveling time 22 minutes). From Central Station you can take a train to Utrecht Central station. Trains depart about every 15 minutes. Estimated travelling time: 50 minutes.

From The Hague Rotterdam Airport by public transport to Utrecht Central Station
Rotterdam is very easily accessible from The Hague Rotterdam  Airport bij public transport, by means of the RET bus lines 33 or metro 50 and also line B12 early mornings and during the night. Trains from Rotterdam Central Station to Utrecht Central Station depart about every 15 minutes. Estimated travelling time: 40 minutes.

Walking from Utrecht Central Station to Nivel
NIVEL is situated at a 15-20 minutes walk from Utrecht central station, to be reached through the Hoog Catharijne shopping area.
Starting at the central hall from the station, follow the signs for ‘Clarenburg’ up to the sign ‘Boven Clarenburg niveau 1'. Take the escalator down. Exit the shopping area using the doors opposite to the escalator. Cross the square (Vredenburg) diagonally to your left. On the corner of the square, cross the street. Follow the street (Jacobstraat). After crossing a bridge, the name of the street changes in 'Oudenoord'. After about another 3 minutes walk you will find Nivel on your right. Map

From Utrecht Central Station by bus to Nivel
NIVEL is located at a 5-10 minutes bus ride from Utrecht Central Station. The bus station is located at a two-minute walk from Utrecht Central Station (follow the signs).
Take either bus 3 (direction 'Overvecht'), 4 (direction 'Zuilen') , 5 (direction 'Maarssen') or 6 (direction 'Overvecht - Zuid'). Nivel is situated near Busstop “Oudenoord” (ask the driver).

From Utrecht Central Station by Taxi to Nivel
A taxi will bring you in 5 minutes to Nivel.
The taxi stand is located just outside Utrecht Central Station (follow the signs).