September 2012 - QUALICOPC workshop Gothenburg
On September 3rd 2012 the QUALICOPC consortium organises a workshop at the bi-annual conference of the European Forum for Primary Care. During the workshop preliminary results of the QUALICOPC survey among GPs and their patients will be presented. The conference takes place in Gothenburg (Sweden).
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December 2011 - QUALICOPC consortium meeting in Ghent
On December 1st  and 2nd the partners of the QUALICOPC consortium came together to discuss the progress of the data collection with in the project and their plans for analyses. The two-day meeting took place in Ghent (Belgium) and was hosted by the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, University of Ghent.

May 2011 - QUALICOPC consortium meets in Pisa
On April 28 and 29 the partners of the QUALICOPC consortium came together during a two-day meeting in Pisa (Italy) at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. During the meeting the results of the pilots of the surveys among GPs and patients and the preparations for the upcoming surveys in 34 countries were discussed.

April 2011 - Meetings for national coordinators
From March 17th to 22nd the national coordinators involved in the QUALICOPC project visited NIVEL for a meeting to prepare the primary care data collection in 31 European countries. A number of the national coordinators came to NIVEL to discuss how the fieldwork will be carried out in each country. The fieldwork activities will take place between April and November of this year. Both meetings were very productive and lead to a positive start in the collaboration between the QUALICOPC consortium and all the coordinators.

Photo: From left to right: Petko Salchev, Jean Claude Leners, Elise Kosunen, Willemijn Schäfer, Kaja Põlluste, Sara Willems, Dionne Kringos, Luis Pisco, Monique Aubart, Mehmet Akman, Stein Leners, Wienke Boerma, Vytautas Kasiulevicius

Photo: From left to right: Nicolas Senn, Christos Lionis, Dionne Kringos, Dana Farcasanu, Willemijn Schäfer, Stephanie Heinemann, Wienke Boerma, Giulia Capitani, Chiara Seghieri

September 2010 - QUALICOPC meeting in Bled
The QUALICOPC project partners came together in Bled (Slovenia) on 28 and 29 September. During these two days the project team talked about the questionnaires which will be held among patients and physicians in 2011.

Photo: From left to right: Peter Groenewegen, Ana Kersnik, Sara Willems, Giulia Capitani, Stefan Greß, Dionne Kringos, Chiara Seghieri, Line Vermeulen, Danica Rotar, Willemijn Schäfer, Irena Mihalic, Wienke Boerma

August 2010 - Partner meeting at EFPC conference
On 30 and 31 August 2010 the European Forum for Primary Care organised its third biannual conference on the future of primary care in Pisa, Italy. During this conference the partners of the QUALICOPC project came together to discuss data collection and the development of the questionnaires.





June 2010 - Kick off meeting partners
On 24 and 25 June 2010, NIVEL hosted the kick-off meeting of the recently started EU-funded QUALICOPC (Quality and costs of primary care) project. The project partners from different international organisations came together to discuss the project's first activities.

Photo: From left to right: Paolo Tedeschi, Gert Westert, Michael van den Berg, Peter Groenewegen, Dionne Kringos, Stefan Greß, Willemijn Schäfer, Sara Willems, Giulia Capitani, Stephanie Heinemann. In front: Wienke Boerma.