The objective of QUALICOPC is to evaluate primary care in Europe against criteria of quality, equity and costs. To this end, information on different settings and national strategies for primary care will be related to: generic health care system goals (like access, equity and cost-effectiveness), indicators of the process quality of services provided in primary care and to indicators of the quality of primary care as perceived by patients.


Elements  of  the  study
To facilitate this evaluation, information on the following associations will be studied:

  • Primary care structures and outcomes related to avoidable hospitalisation;
  • The structure of primary care related to quality of services provision;
  • The structure and process of primary care related to patients’ perceived outcomes;
  • The structure and process quality of primary care related to costs;
  • The structure of primary care related to access and equity;
  • Good practices in integrated primary care in Europe (overarching the other associations).