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Anke de Veer, PhD
Senior researcher Nursing Care and Elderly Care; coordinator Nivel National Nursing Staff Panel


Contributing to better care for the most vulnerable, those who cannot easily stand up for themselves, drives me to do research. It is important that we support healthcare providers with our research so that they feel passionate about their work.

My research mainly focusses on several areas:
- The first is the care for people with intellectual disabilities. The central question here is how they can be supported to obtain the best possible quality of life. Participating in society and starting from their own strength are important.
- We also conduct research into the care for these people in their final phase of life.
- Another focus addresses the work and working conditions of health care professionals. In our research we investigate how we can support them. For instance, what role do aspects such as training, work pressure, and autonomy play in the quality of care they provide and how does this contribute to their working pleasure? Which adjustments are needed to preserve or enhance the job satisfaction?



Career old
1991 - present Senior researcher and project leader of the national Nursing Staff Panel at Nivel
1986 - 2006 Teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences (research methods, statistics, psychology)
1986 - 1991 Researcher at Nivel
1986 - 1990 Junior researcher at Radboud University, Nijmegen
1984 - 1986 Assistant researcher at Radboud University, Nijmegen
Education old
1991 PhD, title dissertation 'Parental disciplinary strategies and the child’s moral internalization'
1977 - 1985 Developmental psychology at Radboud University, Nijmegen
(Board) Memberships old
Member of the Agora expert group palliative care for people with intellectual disabilities