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Hennie Boeije, PhD
Coordinator research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled


Hennie Boeije (PhD, sociologist) is coordinator at Nivel of the research program Research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled. This program consist of a large amount of studies into quality of life, self-management, integrated care and societal participation, including employment and care for the elderly.
Her research team takes an interest in people with a motory or sensory disability as well as intellectual disabilities. Their main interest lies in the field of identity, life course, resilience and coping in adversity, including health, restrictions.

For her research, her team makes extensive use of:
- the National Panel of the Chronically Ill and Disabled (NPCD), a nationwide Dutch panel consisting of over 3,500 people living independently with a chronic condition (a physical disability), established to gather information on the consequences of chronic disease and disability from a patient perspective
- the Panel Together Living (PSL), with over 500 people with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities aged 15 years or older, and over 350 relatives, established to gather information on n the care and living situation of people with a intellectual disability and their relatives, from their perspective.

For fifteen years Hennie was an associate professor in qualitative research methods in social sciences at Utrecht University. Here she gained extensive experience in conducting review research of qualitative studies and of mixed studies. Under her (co-)supervision several PhD-students graduated. Hennie published academic books and numerous papers on qualitative research methodology and on healthcare and related issues.



Career old
2015 - present: Program coordinator Care and participation of people with chronic conditions, Nivel, Utrecht
2009 – 2015: Associate professor, Department of Methodology and Statistics, Utrecht University
2012 - 2014 Researcher at Centre for Innovation in healthcare, HR University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam
2011 – 2012: Researcher at Julius Centre, University Medical Centre Utrecht
2011 - 2015: Lecturer Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health (NSPOH), Utrecht
1998 – 2009: Assistant professor, Department of Methodology and Statistics, Utrecht University
1995 – 1997: Researcher at Dutch Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW), Utrecht
1991 - 1994: PhD-candidate, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Education old
2016: Course High Performance Leadership De Baak
2014: Course Academic Leadership GITP
2012: Senior Qualification Research, Utrecht University
2007: Course Educational Leadership, Utrecht University
2002: Senior Teaching Qualification, Utrecht University
1990 - 1994: PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam
1995 - 2001: BSc and MSc Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
1984 - 1989: BSc and MSc Healthcare policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam