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John Paget, PhD
Senior researcher Infectious Diseases, epidemiologist


I provide epidemiological data on respiratory infections, infectious diseases, antibacterial resistance and rare diseases. The diversity makes my work interesting and fun. For example, I study how a flu virus spreads among the population, the number of flu-related deaths and how effective vaccination is. My research is used in research within Disasters and Environmental Threats and GP Care, among others.

Learning through international comparisons
My projects are mostly international. As a coordinator and researcher of international projects, I find that countries can learn a lot from each other in terms of epidemiology, prevention and control of infectious diseases. I find that very motivating. By making comparisons, I can give better advice and there is greater understanding of the different situations in countries and the solutions chosen.



Career old
October 2012 – December 31, 2018. Associate Editor, BMC Infectious Diseases
September 2009 – May 17, 2017. Senior Researcher (Epidemiologist), Radboud University Medical School, Department of Public Health, Nijmegen [] (Part-time position – 1 day per week). Areas of activity: Q fever and MRSA. Infectious disease surveillance teaching as of 2011.
September 2008 – present. Senior Researcher, Netherlands Institute for Health Care Research (Nivel).
Member of the Steering Committee, Global Influenza Initiative (GII), 2015-2018
Co-Chair of the Global Influenza and RSV Initiative (GIRI), 2018-present
Member of the Independent Scientific Committee, Global Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network, Paris, France, 2017-present
Member of the Executive Committee, Foundation for Influenza, Paris, France, 2017-present

Current activities at Nivel:
Project Leader, Estimating the Global 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Mortality Burden (GLaMOR). Project funded by WHO HQ [since 1 July 2011]
Project Leader, The appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in primary care in Europe related to antibiotic resistance (APRES) ; see: for full description of this project [since September 2009].
Steering Committee Member, Influenza B General Practitioners (IBGP), project co-ordinated by Open Rome, Paris, France [since 2009]

Previous activities at Nivel:
2009 - December 2011: European Co-ordinator of the European Paediatric Influenza Analysis project – EPIA (2009-2011)

October 2008 - December 2011: September Advisor supporting WHO Euro ( with the surveillance of influenza in non-EU countries in the Europe Region. Included the preparation of a WHO guideline document for the surveillance of influenza in Europe (2008-2011).

April 2000 – September 2008. Senior Researcher, Netherlands Institute for Health Care Research (Nivel). Project leader and co-ordinator of the European Influenza Surveillance Scheme (EISS) [EISS is now based at ECDC].
◾January 1992 - March 2000. Epidemiologist, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Bern Switzerland.
◾February 1989 - December 1991.Technical Officer, Global Programme on AIDS, World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland.