Primary healthcare on Aruba


Primary health care on Aruba from the perspective of the population, patients, and caregivers.

This project aims to provide an up-to-date overview of the current primary health care on Aruba and thereby contribute to policy for improving health care quality. The care provided by Aruban general practices is studied in a systematic way, focusing on aspects of accessibility and availability of care. Other important perspectives are the cooperation of general practitioners with other care providers, the quality and completeness of medical records, the quality of provided care, and financial aspects. The required information is collected through questionnaire research and structured interviews among  general practitioners, practice assistants, patients visiting the practices, and the general population. The quality of the medical records is examined by means of a scan of the GP information systems. Policy documents and statistics from Statistics Netherlands are used to provide context. The project uses the methodology of the Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET) that Nivel has developed for the WHO and that has previously been applied in twelve countries. A prerequisite for the use of this instrument is that it is adapted to the circumstances of the country in question. Therefore, the project is carried out in close collaboration with local stakeholders at all stages of the research.