From Utrecht Central Station to NIVEL

Visiting address:
Otterstraat 118 -124
3513 CR Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0) 30 – 2729700

Walking from Utrecht Central Station
NIVEL is situated at a 15-20 minutes walk from Utrecht central station, to be reached through the Hoog Catharijne shopping area.

Starting at the central hall from the station, follow the signs for ‘Clarenburg’ up to the sign ‘Boven Clarenburg niveau 1'. Take the escalator down. Exit the shopping area using the doors opposite to the escalator. Cross the square (Vredenburg) diagonally to your left. On the corner of the square, you have to cross the street. Follow the street (Jacobstraat). After crossing a bridge, the name of the street changes in 'Oudenoord'. After about another 3 minutes walk you will see a big building site. NIVEL is situated just behind it (red brick building).