Project ICARE4EU

Duration: 2014-2016
Innovating care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe

Nivel-Logo-ICARE4EU-250pxThe aim was tot describe and analyse innovative approaches in multidisciplinary care for people with multiple chronic conditions currently existing in Europe.



  • Full title: Innovating care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe
  • Deliverables: see publications on the right
  • Funding: Health Programme of the European Commission
  • Project partners: TUB, Technische Universität Berlin, UEF, University of Eastern Finland (ITÄ-Suomen Yliopisto), INRCA, National Institute of Health and Science on Aging, WARWICK, University of Warwick, AGE Platform Europe, Eurocarers, European association working for carers
  • Collaborating partner: European Observatory on health systems and policies
  • Nivel involvement: lead partner
  • Nivel expert: Prof. Mieke Rijken PhD
  • International project website:


A growing part of European citizens suffer from more than one chronic illness (‘multimorbidity’). For these people a disease-specific disease management approach is suboptimal. Therefore, European countries want to know more about innovative approaches of multimorbidity management. Integrated care addressing both health and social needs of people with multimorbidity seems to be most appropriate.

Doel Aim

This project aims to contribute to the innovation of care for European citizens with multiple chronic conditions by increasing and disseminating knowledge of potentially effective and efficient models of integrated care for people with multiple chronic conditions that are developed and implemented in (parts of) European countries.


Therefore ICARE4EU will:

  • describe the state of the art in 30 European countries
  • evaluate current integrated care programmes for people with multimorbidity
  • identify best practices from different perspectives (patient-centredness, e-health technology, professional involvement and organization, financing system)
  • generate knowledge about conditions for successful management and implementation of integrated care programmes
  • design a template for future monitoring of the developments in multimorbidity chronic illness care; and disseminate its findings throughout Europe

During the first year the data collection will start in 30 European countries.

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