Additional research on the Dutch oral hygienists workforce 2012 under non-NVM members

To determine the oral hygienists workforce, a sample of NVM members was approached with a questionnaire in 2010 and 2011. However, these NVM members do not cover the entire population of oral hygienists in the Netherlands. By approaching the non-members of the NVM with the same questionnaire, we can determine whether the non-NVM members are a selective group and 'different' in terms of employment, working position and resignation (compared to NVM-members).
- How can oral hygienists who work in the Netherlands but are non-NVM members be recruited?
- How do, based on the outcomes of the survey, the supply parameters of the manpower planning model and its subcomponents look like?
- What do the answers to the above questions for the supply parameters mean for the next to be established manpower planning model for oral hygienists in the Netherlands?
The 1000 (working) oral hygienists who are non- NVM members in the year 2012 will be approached by a brief questionnaire. The response data will be analysed and compared with the response to the same survey under NVM members, which was held in 2011.
A better (more complete) determination of the supply parameters of the oral hygienists by combining and comparing the supply parameters of the active oral hygienists who are non-NVM members, with the supply parameters of the active oral hygienists who are NVM members.