Ambition of the organisation of primary care in 2022; how far is this ambition in the year 2014?

The ambition of the Dutch General Practitioners Organization (LHV) and the Dutch General Practitioners Association (NHG), how primary care should be organized in the year 2022, has recently been published. The main aim of this ambition is “modification with a central role for the patient”. Information about what is necessary to achieve this ambition is currently lacking.
What is the current state-of-the-art with regard to the 17 different ambitions presented in the LHV/NHG paper?
To give insight in the current state of the art of the 17 ambitions, if possible and feasible within the timeframe of the project
The current-state-of-the art of the ambitions will be presented and discussed with the founding organizations of the ambition paper, NHG and LHV. All information combined will be used to give insight which ambitions are (nearly) realized and for which ambitions there is ample room for improvement. Moreover, in the future results can be used to determine the influence of improvement of care based on the ambitions on outcomes like quality of care or patient satisfaction