Antimicrobial resistance and causes of non-prudent use of antibiotics in human medicine (ARNA)

Duration: April 2014 - March 2016

Non-prudent antibiotic use is a major risk factor for antimicrobial resistance. Self-medication is one part of non-prudent use. Some countries in the European Union (EU) do have a substantial level of non-prescription use of antibiotics, while others do not have this type of consumption at all.

The ARNA-project aims to contribute to a more prudent use of antibiotics in human medicine, with a specific focus on the use of non-prescribed antibiotics.
The overall aim is to map the non-prudent use of antibiotics in the EU and to encourage policies that lead to a more prudent use of antibiotics.
1.Analysis of literature and existing data on the consumption of antimicrobial agents across the EU;
2.National surveys in EU Member States to measure self-medication with antimicrobial agents
3.An in-depth analysis of self-medication with antimicrobial agents in five countries with the highest level of self-medication to further unravel the frequency and nature of non-prudent use;
4.Analysis of key factors in the health care system explaining cross-national variation including legal provisions and national measures taken by countries.
5.Identification of best practices
6.Formulating a set of policy options for EU Member Statesa to promote prudent use of antimicrobial agents.
7.National workshops in the five countries with the highest level of self-medication and a final consensus conference.

The ARNA project will result in recommendations for the EU and its Member States to take action to enhance the prudent use of antibiotics, especially in order to reduce self-medication. ARNA delivers its results in three ways: dissemination of knowledge among policy makers, recommendations for actions at the national and European level to enhance prudent use of antimicrobial agents and scientific publications.
DG Sanco
In this project we work together with
TNS-NIPO (Sietske Lems)
Universiteit Antwerpen (Herman Goossens)