April 2017

A basic understanding. Towards appropriate information provision for and decision-making with patients with limited health literacy in hospital-based palliative care.

29% of Dutch people have limited health literacy (LHL). Palliative care poses high demands on professionals regarding appropriate and effective communication and decision-making. Many healthcare professionals insufficiently recognize low literacy and LHL and do not adjust their communication accordingly.
To improve information provision and decision-making with LHL patients in secondary palliative care. We wish to contribute to insights into the needs of these patients and the strategies and experiences of professionals in clinical practice, and will develop and implement a toolkit for medical specialists and nurses.
1. Research (interviews and video recordings of outpatient consultations) with LHL patients and healthcare professionals on experiences with and wishes for information provision and decision-making, communication strategies, and organizational
prerequisites for adequate care.
2. Development of video vignettes and recommendations for the organization of palliative care.
3. Evaluation of feasibility of communication strategies and recommendations
4. Development of a toolkit and a digital learning environment in close cooperation with LHL patients, their relatives, teachers, and primary and secondary care professionals.
5. Implementation and evaluated in five hospitals.
After one year insights have been gained into the experiences, needs, and current information provision and decision-making of LHL patients, their relatives, and healthcare professionals and into useful strategies and organizational prerequisites for
improving these processes.

ZonMw Palliantie Meer dan zorg A-projecten 2016
In this project we work together with
Pharos (dr. Gudule Boland, drs Majorie de Been)
IQ Healthcare (dr M Dees)
Stichting Belangenbehartiging Alfabetisering (W. van Dijk)
IKNL (B. Fröhleke)
Maastricht UMC/centrum ontwikkeling Palliatieve Zorg (Dr. A Moser)
LUMC (prof. dr. A.M. Stiggelbout)
Radboudumc/ Kenniscentrum Palliatieve Zorg (dr. K.C.P. Vissers)
Consortium Propallia Leiden
Huis voor de Zorg Sittard
LongAlliantie Nederland
Stichting Fibula
Stichting ROC West- Brabant
Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht
Dialogue Trainer (Henk van Zeijts)