February 2019

Collaboration on selfcare between general practice and drugstore

Many citizens regularly come to the drugstore. In addition to the health care providers in primary care, chemists might play a role in supporting citizens, especially when it comes to handling minor ailments. Cooperation between health care providers in primary care and chemists, however, hardly ever occurs.

Therefore, the Dutch association of chemists starts a pilot project in collaboration with other parties. The aim of the the project is to show how general practitioners and chemists in particular can work together so that patients can take more control over their care for minor ailments and make a safe choice between: wait and see; self-care medication or other ways of self-careor visit the GP.
The expectation is that this will lead to a change in the demand for care in general practice, partly through targeted referrals from the drugstore to the general practitioner.

Nivel was asked to contribute to this project on the following parts.

1. Selection of minor ailments
In this part, we determine which ten minor ailments will be tested in this project.

2A. Effect on behavior of general practitioners
The aim of this part is to map the effect of the interventions in the testing ground on the number of GP visits for the 10 selected minor ailments and the prescription of medicines for the 10 selected minor ailments by general practitioners. We do this by means of an intervention study with a pre- and post-test and a comparison group.

2B. Referrals
This part concerns a description of which patients enter the general practice through a referral from the chemist, but also who has been referred to the drugstore by the general practitioner. The general practitioners who participate in the project will receive a number of questions about patients who come to the consultation hour with minor ailments.
Zilveren Kruis