Dementia friendly community Overvecht

The number of people with dementia is growing. Most of the people with dementia would like to remain living at home as long as possible. Getting help from neighbours is important to make this possible.
How can neighbour help for people with dementia be stimulated and supported?
Within the project 10 people with dementia in the Overvecht district of Utrecht are connected to vital older neighbours who they can ask for help, planned as well as unplanned. Both, people with dementia and volunteering neighbours, are supported by professional caregivers. Experiences are collected using case study research.
A practical leaflet with case study descriptions and recommendations for implementation of the dementia friendly community approach.
A paper for a Dutch professional journal describing the dementia friendly community approach and the results of the project.
RCOAK/Fonds Sluyterman van Loo (programma Vitaliteit ontmoet kwetsbaarheid)
KF Hein Fonds
Van Baaren Stichting
Janivo Stichting
In this project we work together with
Careyn (Trees Koeneman, Rosan van der Aa)
Van Praag Instituut (Martine Busch)
Rianny van den berg