Determination of the discriminating power of quality indicators measured by the Consumer Quality Index Palliative Care

Duration: October 2015 - March 2016

The Consumer Quality Index Palliative Care (CQ-Index PC) measures quality indicators from the user’s perspectives (patients and bereaved relatives). Earlier research showed that the CQ-index PC is a valid and useful questionnaire.
What is the discriminating power of the CQ-Index PC, i.e. how suitable is this instrument to show differences in quality of care between (collaborations of) health care providers.

Existing data from the CQ-Index PC of the ongoing evaluation study of the national quality improvement programme palliative care will be used.

Multilevel regression analyses will be performed to calculate the intraclass correlation (ICC) which shows how much of the variation on a score can be attributed to differences between (collaborations of) health care providers.
More insight into the discriminative power of the CQ-Index PC and in the characteristics of patients and bereaved relatives and of (collaborations of) health care providers that are associated with differences in quality scores.