January 2012

Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel

The Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel is managed by the Nivel. The aim of the Consumer Panel is to measure, at national level, opinions on and knowledge about health care and the expectations and experiences with health care.

The Consumer Panel is a so-called access panel. From our access panel we can draw the samples for every separate survey. We can draw a sample that is representative of the Dutch population. It is also possible to draw a sample that is based on a selection of background characteristics, since we know many background characteristics of our panel members.

As of 2012, the panel consists of approximately 6,000 panel members aged 18 years and older. Within the Consumer Panel, data is collected using surveys. In total, approximately eight surveys a year are conducted. Each individual member of the panel receives a questionnaire around three times a year.

Within the panel, we investigate a diverse range of research questions. By collecting information at national level regarding opinions and experiences of users of health care, as well as by publishing the results of the conducted research, the panel helps to strengthen the position of health care users.
Ministerie van VWS