August 2018

E-manager Chronic diseases

The ABCC-tool aimed to measure, quantify and visualize the burden of the disease(s). The tool consists of a questionnaire completed by the patient prior to the consultation and medical information added by the healthcare professional. Afterwards the burden of disease is visualized on a website. The tools helps the patient en healthcare professional in formulating treatment goals and making treatment plans. In this project the ABC-tool will be extended with modules for asthma and diabetes.

The e-supporter will help the patient at home with his/her self-management. It will consist of several existing online coaching tools and will be extended with innovative solutions to provide personalized guidance.

Our research is aimed at the development of the E-manager-tool, implementation in primary healthcare and a process- and effectevaluation (including health technology assessment).
ZonMW (IMDI-programma)
In this project we work together with
Centre for Care Technology Research (Universiteit Maastricht, Universiteit Twente, TNO, Nivel), Pex Life, ExpertDox, ZIO Eerstelijnszorg, Federatie Eerstelijnzorg Almelo, Roessingh Research and Development, Nictiz, Sananet BV, Microhis