January 2017

Early benefit risk evaluation of new medicines in primary care: Medication Benefit Risk Registry - overactive bladder (MedBRR-oab)

Before market entry, efficacy and safety profiles of medicines are usually studied in a sample not reflecting the target population. Therefore it is of utmost importance to monitor safety of medicines after market entry.
To create a registry based on real-world data, that rapidly generates information about (cost)efficacy and adverse events of (new) medication and that can be applied flexibly to any new medication. Overactive bladder will function as a first case.
Eligible OAB patients will be selected on the basis of electronic health record data of general practices participating in NIVEL Primary Care Database and invited for participation via a trusted third party. The registry combines data from the patient via Lareb Intensive Monitoring and routinely recorded data in primary care.
An infrastructure that can be transferred to other medicines and health problems that generates useful information for health care providers, patients, and policy makers.
In this project we work together with
Lareb (Eugene van Puijenbroek)