Evaluation digital exchange of medical data via LSP; Experiences of health professionals and consumers

Since 2012 the ‘Landelijk Schakelpunt’ (LSP) facilitates protected and standardized electronic exchange of medical data. Mid-2014, 3.7 million people have given their consent for data exchange via the LSP. Information about experiences and needs of professionals and patients is intended for decision-making on how the LSP is continued.
Questions that will be answered relate to:
1. The way in which health care providers use data and how they experience this usage.
2. Effects of data exchange, as experienced by health care providers.
3. Activities of caregivers towards patients.
4. Experiences and expectations of patients.
5. The characteristics of the patients whose approval asked for.
1. Information from health care providers is gathered in focus group discussions with LSP-using and non-using representatives of GPs (including out-of-hours services) pharmacies, and hospital doctors.
2. Information from the public is collected through a survey in the Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel
Information on the value of a large innovation in the field of ICT in healthcare. In addition, this study provides a basis for further research on whether health care improves by electronic data exchange.
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