Evaluation of the procedures to acquire technical aids from the perspective of disabled people and district nurses / home care providers

This practice evaluation aims to analyze whether two policy amendments in the entitlement to receive medical devices have had the required effect for people who have requested these medical devices and who use these. It concerns the following policy amendments: 1. the transition to a function-focused entitlement in the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet, Zvw), 2. the transfer, in 2013, of the entitlement for loan of nursing devices of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) to the Health Insurance act (Zvw).
The practice evaluation is mainly meant to find out whether the requesting clients / end users have experienced improvements in the process from request to receiving these devices.
1. Does the function-focused entitlement generate devices that are more custom-made? What difference did users observe as a result of the function-focused entitlement? Are the received medical devices more adequate?
2. Has the access to medical devices been improved for the user because there are less regulating bodies (only Zvw and the Social Support Act, Wmo) and has the realization of the renewed entitlement improved?
Telephone interviews with about 200 end users of extra-mural medical devices. This concerns a sample of the participants of the National Panel of people with Chronic illness or disability (Nationaal Panel Chronisch zieken en Gehandicapten).
A survey under around 350 nurses and carers who are working in home care. This is a selection from the Panel Nursing & Caring (Panel Verpleging & Verzorging).
This study will offer further insight into the experiences of a Dutch representative group of requesters / end users with the implemented amendments. By asking after specific aspects of the procedure of the request and the received medical device the research will result in actual suggestions for (further) improvement of the regulation and / or implementation of the entitlement to extra-mural medical devices.
Ministerie van VWS