Exploring the relation between asthma adherence and asthma related outcomes

The relationships between asthma adherence, disease severity and clinical outcomes are complex. In routine care, patients tend to self-manage based on perceived medication need. High levels of adherence may then reflect a poorly controlled disease.

What is the impact of adherence, and change in adherence, on asthma outcomes, and vice versa? (i.e. do high levels of adherence result in well-controlled disease?)

With multilevel modeling, the longitudinal relation between asthma adherence and outcomes will be explored as well as predictors of between- and within-subject variance in adherence and outcomes.

This study will provide insight into the bidirectional relationship between database markers of asthma treatment adherence and asthma control.
Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG)
In this project we work together with
Universiteit Utrecht, dep. Farmacoepidemiologie en Farmacotherapie (dr. Ellen Koster)
Universiteit van Amsterdam, dep. Communicatiewetenschappen (dr. Alex Dima)