January 2017

Fall prevention integrated in (primary) health care.

Falls are an important and increasing problem. Falls can have large consequences for the involved elderly and for the costs of healthcare. Potentially effective interventions are available but implementation of these interventions in primary care is lagging behind. In this project (physiotherapeutic) interventions to prevent falls are implemented as part of a disease management program for vulnerable elderly of the RCH and a home care organization, in collaboration with a regional organization of physiotherapists.
To enhance implementation of preventive interventions in general practice and home care and thereby decrease the number of fall incidents within vulnerable elderly.
Prospective cohort study, quasi-experimental design
A suitable assessment tool to measure fall risk among vulnerable older people in primary care and refer them to fall prevention programs in community care.
In this project we work together with
Prof. Dr. Ien van de Goor: Tranzo, Tilburg University (Externe projectleider)
Zorggroep RCH Midden Brabant
Thuiszorgorganisatie Thebe