Giving patients a voice

Duration: January 2018 - December 2018

Patients and relatives who have gone through a sentinel event in hospitals often experience a lack of support from the hospital, especially on the long term.
The primary objective of this study is to gain insight into the need for support and guidance for patients and their relatives after a sentinel event.
We will conduct 18 in-depth interviews with patients and/or their relatives who experienced a sentinel event and organize two meeting to discuss the results.
- A book with the stories of these patients and/or relatives
- A practical guidance for care professionals and hospitals
- Scientific article with overarching analyses
Stichting Achmea slachtoffer en samenleving
In this project we work together with
VUmc/APH institute: Prof.dr. Martine de Bruijne & drs. Hanneke Merten
NVZ: Trudy Boshuizen
NFU: Marjon Havinga