June 2020

Global Influenza Initiative (GII): association between Influenza vaccination and AMR

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing threat to human health globally. Recently, vaccination is acknowledged as an alternative approach to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Immunization can prevent (viral) infections who are (inappropriately) treated with antimicrobial medicines. Vaccines against influenza can reduce antibiotic use in different risk groups. The WHO has mentioned we need to expand and share our knowledge on the impact of vaccines on AMR, therefore we aim to raise attention to influenza vaccination to tackle AMR.

The aim of the GIRI AMR study is to develop a Strategic Plan to integrate influenza vaccination into the global AMR discussion.

Methods: We have performed a mixed methods study, including a literature review (systematic literature review, review of public health reports and review of national action plans on AMR) and expert interviews.

We have presented the project at the 7th ESWI Influenza Conference and aim to publish a report and scientific article.
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