Implementation and use of PROMs and PREMs in patient care and health policy. An analysis and synthesis of experiences and lessons learned in three countries.

This study is part of a larger project of the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE study 2016-03 HSR, Lot 2) on how patient surveys can be implemented in Belgium. We aim to synthesize evidence on the implementation of patient surveys (PROMs/ PREMs) in three neighbor countries: France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

How are PROMs and PREMs implemented and used for improvement of patient care and for policy purposes in the three selected countries, and what are the lessons learned?

A review of (grey) literature and an expert consultation on the use of PROMs/ PREMs for the purposes of clinical practice and health policy in the three countries. To identify the rationale, level of implementation, enabling or impeding factors, merits and lessons learned.

This project will result in four deliverables:
1. Critical appraisal of full text selection of articles provided by KCE, proposal for data extraction and evidence tables.
2. Overview of international grey literature, report on expert consultation in the 3 countries.
3. International comparison and transversal analysis of the selected countries.
4. Final scientific report consisting of all previous deliverables, including discussion and synthesis.
KCE, Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre