September 2020

International survey concerning quality and safety in primary care in the time of Covid-19 (PriCov-19 study)

Primary care plays a key role during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is often a first point of contact for possibly infected patients. Because of the pandemic, GP/primary care practices are confronted with unprecedented structural and organizational challenges regarding patient safety and the provision of high quality care, especially for vulnerable patients. These challenges relate not only to safe care for vulnerable patients with potential Covid symptoms, but also to the avoidance of collateral damage of the pandemic to patients who need frequent follow-up for medical or social reasons, patients who are scared to seek necessary medical help because of disinformation, or patients who already experience difficulties in getting access to care under normal circumstances.

Study aims
- To assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the organization of care in primary/GP practices and on the different dimensions of quality of care.
- To describe the efforts undertaken by primary care/GP practices to ensure access and high quality care for all patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.
- To describe how the Covid-19 pandemic led to changes in the roles of practice staff.
- To explore the measures primary care/GP practices take to ensure practice staff’ wellbeing.

A cross-sectional multi-country design is applied, using an online questionnaire for primary care/GP practices.

Expected output
- Two national, Dutch language articles; one on the main results and one on the care for vulnerable patients;
- Lead author on international article on task changes in primary care during the pandemic;
- Participation in other international articles.
In this project we work together with
Universiteit Gent en cirrca 40 nationale partners verspreid over Europa