Joint Action (JA) on Health Workforce (HWF) Planning

Duration: April 2013 - Juni 2016

Demand, need and supply of the health workforce (HWF) are influenced by multiple factors like ageing population, ageing workforce, rising care use and rising costs in a context of budget constraints. The time lag between decisions and change can be long. Hence HWF planning is crucial. There is a great variety in HWF planning methods across MSs. There is no golden standard. Sharing and exchanging practices will support MSs capacity.
The general objective of this action is a platform for collaboration and exchange between MSs to prepare the future of the HWF.
The Joint Action (JA) will pilot a platform of collaboration and partnership. The governance structure, procedures of communication, collaboration and decision making, the outputs and outcomes of the JA represent this pilot.
This will support MSs and Europe in their capacity to take effective and sustainable measures.
In this project we work together with
Capaciteitsorgaan (Victor Slenter)