Literature research on the transfer of patient information between hospitals and long term elderly care

Incomplete, incorrect or untimely transfer of information from hospitals to long term care facilities can lead to higher risks and adverse events for older patients. Despite initiatives of various field parties to improve information transfer between organizations and professionals, systematic insight into the way in which information transfer is currently organized is lacking.
What is the current state of affairs in information transfer from hospitals to long term care, with a particular focus on frail elderly?
Literature search and expert consultation
Insight in the way in which information transfer is organized, how often information transfer takes place, causes of incorrect, incomplete and untimely transfer, and good practices on transfer and the Continuity of Care Record. This will help the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate to monitor inter-organizational information transfer and create awareness in both hospitals and long term care.
Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg
In this project we work together with
Afdeling Sociale Geneeskunde, EMGO+/VU Medisch Centrum
Afdeling Huisartsgeneeskunde & Ouderengeneeskunde, EMGO+/VU Medisch Centrum