July 2019

Make-It: Medication Adherence Knowledge, Expertise and Implementation Taskforce

There are several successful interventions that promote medication adherence. These are often not implemetented in regular care. The fourth STIP call of the Good Use of Medicines program from ZonMw is therefore focused on the implementation of these interventions in outpatient care. For this, 4-8 pilot living labs will be funded. A knowledge consortium guides them, develops instruments, evaluates the living labs and supports the further dissemination of the results.

The Make-It consortium consists of researchers / care providers who have been working together for many years on medication adherence. The consortium has expertise in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, behavioral sciences, care research, communication sciences and nursing.

Living labs
A living lab is a defined, real life setting in which different stakeholders work together on an innovative solution. Such environment is needed to develop solutions that are sustainable within the complexity of regular care. Co-creation between patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholders is essential.
In this project we work together with
Radboudumc, Universiteit Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht, Amsterdamumc (locatie VUMc), VU, IVM, SIR