Monitor reimbursement measure vitamines, minerales and paracetamol

From January 1 2019 onwards paracetamol, vitamins and minerals that are also available as OTC medications will no longer be reimbursed. The Ministry of Health believes it is important to monitor potential risks of this measure. Examples of such risks are: substitution with more expensive and / or heavier substances and medication non-adherence. The aim of this research is therefore to monitor the effects of the measure to no longer reimburse vitamins, minerals and paracetamol (1000 mg). The study uses two important data sources from the Nivel: Nivel Primary Care Database and the Consumer Panel Health Care. Nivel PCD will be used to analyse the 2017-2019 trend in prescribing of vitamines, minerals and paracetamol. We look at differences between patient groups (age, gender, morbidity) and into practical variation. We also look at the extent to which substitution may take.With the Consumer Panel we look at patient experiences and impact on patient behavior of the measure.
ministerie van VWS