Monitoring and evaluation of the program ‘Quality of the Society’

Duration: April 2016 - September 2017

Citizen participation is one of the main points of departure for the transitions in the social domain. Citizens and their social network have a (shared) responsibility in the organization of prevention, care, support and participation. Within the programme Quality of Care so called ‘proeftuinen’, collaborative initiatives, are experimenting and searching for innovative solutions to realize this societal task.
This innovative approach is monitored by measuring effects and processes of the initiatives. Moreover, the extent to which practices are actually meeting national policy goals is researched.
Policy reconstruction by analysing documents.
Measuring effects and processes by using questionnaires and conducting interviews with local administrators, project leaders, participants and end-users of the initiatives.
Increased understanding of what the program and its initiatives contribute with respect to national policy. Knowledge about necessary preconditions and hindering and helping factors for implementing the program and its initiatives.
In this project we work together with
Verwey-Jonker Instituut