Monitoring Formulary Adherent Prescribing 2018

Health insurers and general practitioners want to improve appropriate prescribing. GPs will be rewarded if their first prescriptions are generic and adherent to their formulary. NIVEL will develop an indicator to measure generic and formulary adherent prescribing and collect outcomes of these indicators from all general practices who want to qualify for the financial reward.

How often do Dutch general practices prescribe generics within the formulary?

NIVEL develops an indicator measuring generic prescribing within the formulary that will be implemented in GP software systems. GP associations and producers of GP software systems will be consulted. Data from NIVEL Primary Care Database will be used to determine the influence of factors such as seasons and GP systems on the indicator. NIVEL collects the outcomes of the indicator measures from GP practices and forwards these to the health insurers.

This project contributes to improved implementation of generic prescribing within the formulary at a national level.
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