Netherlands Medication safety study

The recommendations from the Dutch HARM Wrestling report, designed to prevent medication- elated harm are adhered to in varying degrees by GPs. Insight into causes of these differences in adherence to the recommendations offers possibilities tor address medication-related harm.

The aim is to identify causes for differences between GP practices in following HARM Wrestling recommendations in six selected indicators and - in consultation with healtyh care professionals- to draw up an action plan

1. Calculate six indicators using data from the NIVEL Primary Care Database
2. Analysis of causes of differences in adherence to the HARM Wrestling recommendations between GPs
3. Validation: the results will be discussed in focus groups with GPs
4. Draft an Action Plan: final consultation of organizations of professionals

Insight in the causes of differences in adherence to the recommendations from the HARM Wrestling report.
In this project we work together with
Erasmus MC (prof. dr. M. Sturkenboom)
KNMP (prof. dr. P. de Smet)