New health services on Texel? In search of opportunities for ‘health tourism’ that mutually benefits the inhabitants of Texel

Earlier, an 'Explorative Care planning research’ for Texel was conducted. In this study, developments are described which affect the future health needs of Texel. Based on this study, there is need for further research on the opportunities to develop ‘health tourism’.
(1) What are the current and future healthcare needs of the inhabitants of Texel, and how do they overlap with tourists that visit the island? (2) What healthcare and welfare services can be initiated to further develop and exploit health tourism on Texel?
(1) Existing data sources (i.e. CBS, NIVEL, Public Health Services and municipalities) are used and analyzed. Focus groups with inhabitants, health care providers and tourists are organized. (2) SWOT analysis and business model development are used to evaluate the feasibility of healthcare and welfare services that develop health tourism on Texel.
Insight in potential new healthcare services on the island Texel and forms of health tourism that also contribute to healthcare of the inhabitants of Texel.
Gemeente Texel