January 2014

Nivel Primary Care Database

Nivel Primary Care Database (Nivel Zorgregistraties Eerste Lijn) uses routinely recorded data from health care providers to monitor health and utilisation of health services in a representative sample of the Dutch population. The aim of Nivel Primary Care Database is to do research on developments in health and the use of primary health services in the Netherlands and abroad.

Research questions are, omng others:
* What health problems are present in the Dutch population?
* How much care is the Dutch population using for which health problems and from which health care providers?

Nivel Primary Care Database collects and manages data that are recorded routinely in health care. Nivel Primary Care Database provides epidemiological data on symptoms and complaints presented in primary care. Patients monitoring offers cross-discipline understanding of the provided curative and preventive care. The data are used extensively for research of Nivel and other research institutions. The data are also used for reporting feedback information to the caregivers participating in Nivel Primary Care Database.

With the result of all research done with data from Nivel Primary Care Database, we make a significant contribution to the ‘learning healthcare system’.
Ministerie van VWS
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