Patient needs with regard to information on medicines

Patients have many questions about medicines. Much information about medicines is available, also on the internet . But how well patients can find and evaluate this information?
The aim of this study is to identify the needs of patients in the Netherlands when it comes to information on medicines as well as formulating recommendations on how this information can be improved
- Literature review .
- Online survey of 2,000 members of the Health Care Consumer Panel to understand search behavior of different groups of patients
-Test of existing information sources involving up to 25 patients who will be asked to search and review these sources using the "thinking aloud" method.
- Focus groups with patients who have a different search profiles to further elaborate on their needs for information
Result 1 : Understanding search behavior of different groups of patients
Result 2. Understanding needs for information
Result 3 : Understanding the gap between the current and desired situation to provide recommendations for improvement
In this project we work together with
ASCoR, Universiteit van Amsterdam (prof. dr. Julia van Weert)
UPPER, Universiteit Utrecht (dr. Ellen Koster)
Artificial Industry (Christian Kromme)