Patient profiling and tailored support in Dutch community pharmacy: development of the APCI instrument (Adherence Profiling Communication Intervention)

Duration: September 2013 - June 2017

Non-adherent behaviour is complex and as time to support patients is limited, pharmacy staff can be helped by an instrument guiding them through the process of offering the right solution to the right patient.
Which profiles of non-adherent patients can be distinguished in each stage of the treatment in terms of type of non-adherence and underlying mechanisms?
Which interventions that a pharmacist can perform best fit the different profiles of patients?
Scoping review of the literature combined with qualitative research among patients and pharmacists
A practical toolbox for pharmacies to tackle the problem of non-adherence: APCI. It supports pharmacy staff to offer tailored interventions to non-adherent patients in an efficient manner.
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In this project we work together with
Universiteit van Amsterdam (Annemiek Linn)
Universiteit Utrecht (Ellen Koster)