Pilot study: regional capacity monitoring of primary care in 8 arbeidsmarktregio's (2018)

Duration: June 2018 -Dec 2018

This study is a pilot-study that will form the basis for a monitoring tool to determine regional capacity in primary care. The the current capacity of all the active functions within primary care, the number of available internships for these functions, bottlenecks with regard to staffing, and expected future developments in supply and demand of primary care will be measured on a regional level by including the 3 types of organizations providing primary care: GP practices, general practice centers and care groups.

Focus on 8 regions in the Netherlands
The study will focus on 8 labourmarket regions in the Netherlands: Noord-Oost Brabant, Zuid-Oost Brabant, West Brabant, Midden Brabant, Zeeland, Rotterdam, Groot Amsterdam and Zaanstreek.

An online questionnaire will be sent to all GP practices, general practice centers, and care groups active in the 8 regions. After this pilot-study, the data collection will be evaluated and used as input for the implementation of this monitor in all labourmarket regions in the Netherlands.

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