Planning for the future. Research to support the strategic labour market policy of V&VN (Dutch Nurses Association)

The labour market for Dutch nurses and health care assistants is under great pressure. There is a high need for strategic labour market policy in order to reduce shortages of personnel and to monitor the match between supply and demand of (assistant) nursing care.

This research has two main aims:
(1) to describe the current occupational and educational structure of nurses and healthcare assistants in The Netherlands,
(2) to explore a potential model for health workforce planning of Dutch nurses and healthcare assistants.

For this study different research methods will be used:
- Analysis of (secondary) data sources, national surveys and publications
- Desk-research and literature study

A report that answers the research questions and provides insight in the methods used and limitations of the study. Furthermore, recommendations will be provided for further research and the strategic labour market policy of V&VN.
Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland (V&VN)