April 2017

Proactive palliative care for people with severe mental illnesses: development, implementation and evaluation of an intervention program

People with severe mental illnesses have a limited life-expectancy and are often in need for palliative care. However, knowledge and skills on the identification of and communication about nearing death and how to practice palliative care is lacking in mental healthcare professionals. Knowledge and skills from general palliative care furthermore cannot be adopted automatically into mental healthcare, because of the specific problems from the target group.
1. How can the palliative phase be identified in the target group?
2. How can symptoms, problems, needs and desires of the target group be identified?
3. Does an intervention program add to pro-active high quality palliative care for the target group?
Phased approach based on Experience Based Co-Design (EBCD)
In the first year a systematic review, focusgroups and individual interviews are being organized.
This will result in an overview of evidence based and practice based promising interventions.
ZonMw-programma palliantie
In this project we work together with
Hogeschool Inholland ( Prof. Dr. B. van Meijel)