Project evaluation ‘Individual Care Plan: working on self-management’

Self-management plays an important role in the care for people with type 2 diabetes (DM-2). The Individual Care Plan is a tool to integrate self-management into primary diabetes care. Self-management and working with care plans seem however difficult to implement. Therefore, it is desirable to aid health professionals in primary care with the implementation process.
• What are the experiences of patients with DM-2 regarding self-management (support), particularly with respect to working with an individual care plan?
• What are the effects of the use of care plans on self-management, perceived quality of life, and perceived quality of care in patients with DM-2?
• Are care plans useful for all patients with DM-2 or only for certain groups of patients?
Health professionals from 11 general practices are trained to provide self-management support, and subsequently use self-management (support) techniques, in particular by means of individual care plans, in daily practice during the period March 2013-February 2014.
700 patients with DM-2 in these practices are invited to fill in a questionnaire before and after the intervention period (T0: early 2013; T1 early 2014).
The results of the study provide insight into which patients do /do not succeed in working (continue to work) with care plans, and into the extent to which (and for whom) working with care plans leads to changes in self-management, perceived quality of life, and perceived quality of care.
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