Quality of education in general practice 2013

In 2005 and in 2011 the NIVEL examined satisfaction of GP students and newly qualified doctors on the GP training. There is now a well-developed instrument and the data can act as a benchmark. Monitoring the satisfaction by repeating the measurement is a useful tool for quality control.
What is the perceived quality of GP training in 2013 by GP students and newly graduated doctors? How does it differ from the measurements in 2011 (and where possible in 2009 and 2005) ?
As in 2011, the goal in 2013 is to distribute the questionnaire to all GP students in the service of the SBOH on September 1, 2013 . Again the commitment and support of the institutes and lecturers, the SBOH and LOVAH is of great importance.
In addition, also the last two cohorts of newly qualified doctors in the SBOH registration are to be approached to participate again.
The repetition of the investigation into the quality of GP training can trace changes in the expectations and satisfaction of the GP students (and recent graduates). So the most recent issues for improvement of the quality of GP training will be monitored.
In this project we work together with
SBOH (begeleidingscommissie)