Quality of life and care in nursing homes; an inventory and test of methods/instruments. (As part of the knowledge programme on ‘Dignity and pride’ in Dutch nursing homes.)

Duration: February 2017 - June 2018

Dutch nursing homes currently explore various ways to assess the quality of life and quality of care for their residents, as part of the knowledge programme on ‘Dignity and pride’. This project aims to identify feasible instruments or methods and to validate these instruments/methods for broad application in nursing homes.

There are three research questions:
1. Which quality instruments or methods are currently available and used in the Dutch nursing homes?
2. Which instruments/methods seem to be feasible for broad application and why?
3. How could these instruments/methods be used, and what are the results?

The project consists of three phases:
Phase I: Literature study (Feb. - April 2017);
Phase II: Feedback on available instruments/ methods to nursing homes and selection of 5 experimental settings (April - May 2017);
Phase III: Monitoring and in-depth analysis (June 2017- April 2018).

Evidence on the availability, feasibility, reliability and validity of instruments/ methods will be based on the literature and pilot testing in 5 nursing homes.
Deliverables are:
1. Overview of available and relevant quality instruments/ methods (for publication on the website of the ‘Dignity and pride’ programme/ Vilans).
2. Overview of 5 selected instruments/ methods and accompanying user instructions.
3. Public report on the study findings.
4. Article (in Dutch) on the selected instruments/ methods, their usability and the practice-based experiences and evidence.