Regional distribution of primary dental care capacity in the Netherlands

Regional distribution is a very important factor for a lot of policy developments in dental care. Accessibility and availability of oral care is a prerequisite for accessible dental care. The underlying objectives of more competition in the dental care are also dependent on regional distribution. Stimulating competition, options and switch possibilities of clients rely heavily on a sufficient supply of facilities and capacity.
What is the distribution and geographical accessibility of dentists and oral hygienists in the year 2012 in Netherlands by region, given different regional classifications and for different characteristics of dentists, oral hygienists and residents?
Existing knowledge in the location behaviour of dentists and oral hygienists in the 'location climate' of regions, is used. Results (policy documents and data/reports) on regional developments from previous research are consulted.
To determine and display the geographical accessibility of dentists and oral hygienists in the Netherlands, population data is linked (at zip code level) to the supply data.
The results provide input for the next manpower planning and (interim) advice on the inflow in primary dental care programs in the Netherlands, and for the policy context of the manpower planning.